mercoledì 2 novembre 2011


The cemetery is a necro-polis, the city of the dead, where, as in the fairy tale, everything is opposite to how it is in life. The shapes of the wooden graveposts, the carvings of the tombstones speak an articulated language, which, however, has no meaning outside the cemetery, and even outside that cemetery. The cemetery is a sculpture park, where each inhabitant of the town, whose life passed in the field defined by the great monuments of the community and power, can finally create one personal monument to himself and his beloved ones. In the cemetery, especially around here, sometimes whole peoples sink like the legendary defenders of the besieged castle, under whom the earth opened up, and today you will find their memory only here in the cities once populated by them. In contrast to the buildings of the town, in which the living want to preserve something of themselves for the upper-case History, in the cemetery the lower-case history, the yesterdays and days before yesterday spread upon each other, like the fallen leaves, embracing in a last colorful rug just as much past time as living memory is still able to keep.

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